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Welcome! This is the official site for the Upper Turtle Lake District. Our Mission Statement is to "Preserve, protect, and enhance Upper Turtle Lake and its surroundings for today and future generations."

Upper Turtle Lake is located in the Almena Township of Barron County, WI, about an 1.5 hours east of the Twin Cities and about 1 hour north of Eau Claire, WI. The lake is 427 acres with an average depth of 14 feet and a maximum depth of 25 feet. Upper Turtle Lake is known for its recreational activities. Lake goers enjoy water sports, swimming, fishing, campfires, pontooning, and relaxation.

The Upper Turtle Lake District is a specialized unit of government designed to manage the lake. The Lake District has the ability to tax property within the district. A lake district is a governmental body with statutory responsibilities to the resource, local citizens and taxpayers. Like all government entities, the powers and operations of a lake district are set by law with legal responsibilities and consequences designed to ensure that the rights and interests of the public are protected. Lake districts have a unique blend of powers and governance provisions tailored to fit the needs of local lake communities. A lake district’s day-today operations are carried out by a board of commissioners composed of elected volunteers and local officials. The financial direction of the district is determined by district residents and property owners at an annual meeting. (Wisconsin Lakes Partnership)

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