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Clean Boats, Clean Waters 2024

Julie Zellmer will be coordinating the Clean Boats, Clean Waters grant this year. The grant requirements are the same as past years. We will need at least 100 volunteer hours from lake residents. Please contact Julie at or 651-261-6215 if you are interested in volunteering this year.

The CBCW bin and record sheets are placed at the Zellmer property at 1552 2-2 1/2 Street. Look for the Protecting Our Waters sign. Use the TimeTree app to sign up for times. If you need help, contact Julie by email or text.


The District Committee has approved an incentive plan that I had presented -and I hope to have many of you participate to get to our goal.


Beginning June 1st - August 15th (or if we reach 100 hours first) we will be holding a raffle for this adorable outdoor turtle statue: It measures 33L x 17W x 11H weighing 25#. Perfect for your yard or patio to display.


I will enter the name/names provided on the inspection report for each time a person has volunteered at the boat launch (a minimum of 2 hours), and you can be entered multiple times.


The winner of the raffle will be drawn at the Annual Meeting in August. Winner will not need to be present at the drawing.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Julie Zellmer

Video Training 

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Dalai Lama

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